We are a Boston-based team that helps micro-, small-, and medium-seized businesses streamline processes, secure data, and enable effective communication by implementing targeted cloud-based IT and Web services.  This includes -- but is not limited to -- email services, data storage, document-sharing, online meeting and collaboration, website management, introduction and training, social media campaign implementation, cross-platform brand consistency, and more!

Small businesses are finding the many attributes of cloud computing very attractive. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Cloud computing can improve employee productivity. Using tools like Online Exchange and SharePoint, employees can easily access documents and emails while away from the office. Many small businesses have employees working remotely, and need both mobility and flexibility. Cloud computing is a straightforward and affordable way of addressing those needs, especially when you are using intuitive, familiar software that your employees already know.

2. Cloud computing reduces upfront costs. Choosing a cloud-based solution for such things as email, document sharing, and web conferencing reduces the upfront cost associated with starting a business. There are no servers to buy. The cloud-based subscription model allows small businesses to easily increase or decrease their use of cloud services according to their needs.

3. Cloud computing boosts collaboration. Employees everywhere can access and work with the same files in real time - no more emails back and forth with attachments to open. Better collaboration improves productivity and creativity.

4. Cloud computing provides business resiliency. Numerous studies have shown that more than 50% of small businesses will go out of business within a year of a major data loss. In a cloud environment, if you lose your laptop - or worse, your whole office - you can get back to business in no time. All your business information and files are securely in place.

5. Cloud computing is easy. The transfer of business information into "the cloud" is very straightforward. No need to install new hardware or software; no IT administration. It is often seamless to the user. Saving a document to a Microsoft Sky Drive is the same process as saving it to a hard drive. No training is required.

6. Cloud computing is accessible. Offering easy access and file sharing from any Internet connection, cloud computing allows employee access via smart phone or computer.

7. Cloud computing is secure. In fact, cloud computing can be more secure than a traditional IT infrastructure. Cloud computing providers (like our vendors Microsoft and Google) build multiple levels of security and redundancy into their data centers.